Videos about Beacon Tower

Beacon Tower in two minutes:

Absolent uses Beacon Tower as a B2B portal:

Integration of external data demonstrated:

Asset models explained:

A PoC tour de force:

How to succeed with Edge Computing:

Insights about IIoT

Our Insights section also present general aspects of how connected industries utilise the Internet of Things (IoT) followed by elaborations of how to create new business models and connected products/solutions. We also write blog posts about everything IoT related. Happy reading!

Connected Industries

The convergence of technologies creates possibilities that affect virtually all companies and industries. Markets disappear and others emerge at an unprecedented pace. Innovative new start-ups or existing players from isolated verticals may become tomorrow’s strategic competitor or partner. This section dives into why and how this is happening. Jump into it:

Connected Industries: The Digital Dilemma

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

The IoT technology trends

Business Innovation

Identify business cases and evaluate the potential with the accumulated experience from business model patterns applied across hundreds of companies. Glaze’s structured and adaptive business innovation process is specifically suited companies that will unleash their IoT-potential.

Business Innovation Introduction

Iterative Approach

IoT-enabled Business Models

Ideation Principles

Technology fundamentals

This section is an introduction to some of the technical terms and structural elements that constitutes an infrastructure for a connected industry. Selecting the optimal products, components and connections should be based on thorough evaluation by Glaze’s senior advisors.

IoT technology fundamentals

Comparison of IoT connectivity technologies

System Architecture Layers

Cloud and IoT – which to choose?

Eco-systems: Make, Buy and Partner

Blogs about IIoT