Bluetooth has recently received an update to better match the demands of the IoT market.

While it has been used to some extent in the connected home market the new Bluetooth 5 standard should propel Bluetooth to a serious contender for Zigbee, z-wave and Thread especially as Bluetooth already has a huge market compared to the other contenders.

Bluetooth 5 will deliver 4x bandwidth, 8x capacity and 2x range compared to Bluetooth 4.2 which is crucial to adoption in the IoT space. Bluetooth 5 will probably be used more in consumer products than industrial as the main driver for Bluetooth is the smartphone market.

Qualcomm has announced the new top product Snapdragon 835 with support for Bluetooth 5 which means that the flagship phones released during 2017 will have BT5 support and the middle to low-end will follow during later parts of 2017 and early 2018.

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