Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Solution in two flavours

With Beacon Tower you have ownership of all the data and it is built on Microsoft Azure for business scalability and implementation flexibility. It is designed so that you can always branch out from your Beacon Tower SaaS into your own Beacon Tower iPaaS solution (integration-Platform-as-a-Service).

In its own right, Beacon Tower SaaS is highly customizable, but if you want to take 100% control of your IIoT journey, then the Beacon Tower iPaaS is the way to go.
The good thing is you don’t have to take the choice upfront: you can at any time switch from Beacon Tower SaaS to iPaaS.

Model your business

Beacon Tower has a flexible hierarchical access system that allow you, your customers and their customers into Beacon Tower. You can decide what level of autonomy your customers should have, i.e., if they manage their own data, devices or users. Beacon Tower can be white-labelled in multiple layers. This allows you, for example, to provide Beacon Tower as a platform for your OEM devices.
Assets can be structured in ‘node hierarchies’, allowing you to model Beacon Tower after your business. Model them by geographical location, customers, asset properties – or all of them – supporting different roles within your organisation.

Analyse your data

Make use of a wide range of tools to meet the analytics needs of your IoT data. Use algorithms to modify data, visualise and compare it in graphs or utilise user rules to automatically react when certain conditions are met. You can either make use of Beacon Tower’s own tools or stream data to your data lake to allow for analytics on all your enterprise data.

Control your future

When you choose our Beacon Tower iPaaS solution, you get full flexibility of choosing the development set-up that suits you with unlimited integration possibilites.

Highly customisable

The whole purpose of the iPaaS is customisation and integration. It is our way to supply you with an enterprise platform, but without you having to re-invent the wheel. The SaaS solution is also very customisable and flexible because of our APIs and micro-service structure.
The Beacon Tower platform is built around secured, self-managed components which enable flexible ways of allowing external services to interact with the platform, as long as they are properly authenticated. This means you can build your own front-end and apps, fully replacing the Beacon Tower GUI for your customers, or that you can integrate Beacon Tower directly into your ERP and production systems.

Scale from PoC to enterprise

Beacon Tower is built to be cost-effective for both your first couple of devices up to tens of thousands. This gives you a platform where you can both perform initial pilot tests and continue for your long-term future roll-out.

Beacon Tower scales across your organisation, managing any type of data from any type of IoT devices. This can make it your one and only data-collection platform.

Runs in your cloud

Run the iPaaS in your Azure tenant of choice and rest assured that we will continuosly update and monitor it. You own all the data and there is no black box or legacy functionality to worry about.

Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | Beacon Tower Accelerator Solutions
Continually updated

We continually develop new services and features for Beacon Tower – that means the SaaS and iPaaS solutions are always updated.

Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | Beacon Tower Accelerator Solutions
Low operating cost

Beacon Tower is making use of Azure’s extensive component and services library to quicken development and make sure Beacon Tower is based on the most up-to-date services available.

By continuously evaluating and incorporating new Azure features we make sure that the platform stays modern, secure and cost-efficient.

Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | Beacon Tower Accelerator Solutions
Your platform, your set-up

We believe the time is running out for the era of vendor lock-in. That is why you decide how and with whom you want to develop, maintain and support your IoT-services.

Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | Beacon Tower Accelerator Solutions
365 support

We support and operate your SaaS solution and we offer support and operation for your iPaaS as well.

Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | Beacon Tower Accelerator Solutions
Escape vendor lock-in

​Beacon Tower has no hardware or software requirements and connects to any producer of PLCs, DCS, SCADA, ERP and MES to gain maximum hardware and software flexibility and ​prevent vendor lock-in.

The core IoT-functionality of Beacon Tower utilises core Microsoft Azure components, but our flexible architecture means that you can even exchange our front-end with yours running on-premise, AWS, Google or any other technology vendor of your choosing.

Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | Beacon Tower Accelerator Solutions
Fits your eco-system

Often IIoT solutions need to carefully fit into an existing eco-system of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. With the iPaaS you can flexibly integrate your IIoT offering into all sorts of different scenarios that your business requires.

Solve the IoT business case challenge with Beacon Tower

By making use of Beacon Tower you get a state-of-the-art high-performance IoT solution. Not only do you reduce your investment and project risk significantly, but you also skip years of architectural design, development and trial & error:

Business, organisational and technology challenges make the business case difficult when not utilising a well-proven and scalable solution.

With Beacon Tower the business case becomes straight-forward with less risk and investment needed.