The market of cloud providers and platforms is developing fast. Cooperation and eventually consolidation are happening continuously with frequent announcements of alliances and/or acquisitions of smaller providers. Trending is cloud providers teaming up to dominate business verticals based on the original characteristics of each supplier.

Consequently, as companies start planning business critical and enterprise-ready solutions it becomes an urgent and complex task to choose the right IoT-cloud. Given each company has its own business, organizational and operational requirements there is numerous criteria that need to be weighed and compared company specific. Business perspectives, infrastructure concerns, legislation demands, flexibility needs, vertical solutions, connectivity and edge integration, tools support, scalability, availability of resources and need for machine learning just to name a few. Unbiased advisory and inspiration on how to select the right platform is often necessary.

Glaze has launched some of Scandinavia’s largest IoT-solutions on the market and we are technology independent and have a collective experience of the 5 layers of the IoT technology stack (hardware, software, communications, cloud platform and cloud applications).

Given that business cases are often developed while IoT-platforms and solutions are deployed we have developed a “learn and fail fast” approach that ensures critical business alignment and IT-competency development, while utilizing our experiences from numerous enterprise IoT cloud projects.

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