We enable


Utilise streaming IoT-data

We supply you with a powerful  platform, in your Azure environment, for consolidation of IoT-data that lets you concentrate on your business and utilisation of the structured data.

Your data, your future

We believe in open eco-systems and that vendor lock-in is a strategy from an old era. Beacon Tower is built with open APIs, open data models, unlimited integration possibilities and you own your data.

Powerful and nimble

Designed for business development and scalability, with a cost-effective architecture that  provides economies of scale when throughput of data increases.


Control your platform

You decide how and with whom you want to further develop, maintain and support the platform with. We only use state-of-the-art technologies that have solid developer communities and we have no legacy or black-box systems.

Featured Case Studies

We have done it many times before. That is creating IoT-solutions that generate new business values by leveraging the potential of IoT. Let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Achieve Industrial IoT success:

IIoT - industrial IoT scenarios


Beacon Tower has secure connectivity between devices and the cloud, secure integration with other applications, and secure data protection in the cloud.


Technical Support

We have technical support available whenever you need it. Different levels of SLAs ensure we can meet your specific needs for support and operations.


Always managed, continually updated

Beacon Tower is an Azure cloud native platform with managed services: it is continually updated and we can support and maintain the solution for your specific needs.