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​Platform principles

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Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | connecting Industries | Beacon Tower

Your data, your Azure platform, your future

We believe in open eco-systems and that vendor lock-in is a strategy from an old era. That is why Beacon Tower is built with open APIs, open data models and unlimited integration possibilities in Microsoft Azure.  We make it easy to inject data and just as easy to analyse it the way you prefer. You can also license the platform and manage development yourself.

SaaS yet 100% customisable

Beacon Tower is a Software-​as-a-Service (SaaS) that can be exported to your Azure cloud environment ​as an ​accelerator ​solution to safely kick-start your company’s Industrial IoT journey.

Azure IoT Cloud and Edge Platform | connecting Industries | Beacon Tower

Cloud power ​to all assets

Beacon Tower normalises proprietary data models using open standards, which simplify your asset management and analytics pipeline. Beacon Tower collects, normalises, structures and presents data from any device, asset or automation system.

Bridging devices, OT and IT

​​​Beacon Tower connects sensors, devices, PLCs, DCS, SCADA, ERP and MES to gain maximum automation flexibility and ​prevent vendor lock-in.  

Beacon Tower background

​​Beacon Tower is the result of numerous large and small-scale custom IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) projects implemented in recent years by Glaze on Microsoft Azure IoT Cloud. It utilises an IIoT-specific architecture of cloud native services and technology-leading, open-source components, thoroughly tested and carefully selected. Because of its structure it can be scaled to be utilised by enterprises with thousands of assets as well as companies with only a few connected devices.
Beacon Tower focuses on security and being able to operate in industrial environments with Edge Computing and flexible deployment & integration possibilities.


Secure, easy and managed



Beacon Tower has secure connectivity between devices and the cloud, secure integration with other applications, and secure data protection in the cloud.


Technical Support

We have technical support available whenever you need it. Different levels of SLAs ensure we can meet your specific needs for support and operations.


Always managed, continually updated

Beacon Tower is an Azure cloud native platform with managed services: it is continually updated and we can support and maintain the solution for your specific needs.