IoT technology fundamentals

This section is meant as an introduction to some of the technical terms and structural elements referred to, when describing components constituting a connected industry. Selecting the optimal components and connections should be based on thorough evaluation.

1. Connectivity: Numerous ways exist to connect sensors and data-infrastructure devices to suit industrial and commercial needs. This chapter lists benefits of a range of methods and principles.
2. System Components: The architectural stack shown as a block diagram representing the flow of data: From a sensor measuring the real world via a connecting network to data clouds storing and visualising enriched business data.
3. Eco-systems: Consider the benefits when teaming up in specialised areas or allowing niches where cooperation is mutually beneficial. Shared data may build a more robust market.
4. Security: The risk of exposing own or critical customer data and thus risking devastating consequences for own business. The area requires professional assistance to counter hostile attacks.

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