Beacon Tower iPaaS is your Azure IoT Cloud Platform

You get all the functionality as in the Beacon Tower SaaS while the iPaaS option (integration-Platform-as-a-Service) allows you to branch out of the SaaS anytime if you wish to go custom. You can, of course, start out with the Beacon Tower iPaaS solution if you know beforehand that you want full control of your organisation’s IoT journey while not wanting to spend the time and money in re-inventing the wheel.

Beacon Tower iPaaS


Kick start your IoT Journey

By making use of Beacon Tower as an accelerator solution you get a state-of-the-art high-performance IoT solution to build upon from the get go. Not only do you reduce your investment and project risk significantly, but you also skip years of architectural design, development and trial & error.

Fully customisable

By using the iPaaS solution, you can modify Beacon Tower to fit you perfectly – not only by adding layers on top, but also integrating to the internal services and Azure resources in the iPaaS solution.

You have the steering wheel

With the iPaaS license agreement, you are in full control. We continue to help you to maintain and develop the platform, but at any point you can choose to take over development and operations.

Keep up to date

Even with the flexibility and freedom of the iPaaS solution, you will still receive updates of Beacon Tower functionality. As long as a service hasn’t been modified too much, all new Beacon Tower functionality will be made available to you.

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iPaaS features:

Beacon Tower Accelerator Platform | Azure IoT Cloud & Edge Accelerator
Control your future

When you choose our Beacon Tower iPaaS solution, you get full flexibility of choosing the development set-up that suits you with unlimited integration possibilites.

Runs in your cloud

Run the iPaaS in your Azure tenant of choice, inside your firewall and with unlimited integration possibilities. The choice is yours!

100% customisable

The whole purpose of the iPaaS is integration and customisation. It is our way to supply you with an enterprise platform, but without you having to re-invent the wheel.

Implementation flexibility

We believe the time is running out for the era of vendor lock-in. That is why you decide how and with whom you want to develop, maintain and support your IoT-services.

Business scalability

Often IIoT solutions need to carefully fit into an existing eco-system of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. With the iPaaS platform you can flexible integrate your IIoT offering into all sorts of different scenarios that your business requires.

Updated and maintained

We continually develop new services and features for Beacon Tower iPaaS and we maintain and support the iPaaS for you.