Introducing ”Portals” a new powerful capability in Beacon Tower

Are your business often looking to share curated time-series and machine data with external parties such as Customers and Collaboration & Service Partners? Then Beacon Tower has the perfect fit with our new Portals capability

Join our webinar February 29 at 10:00 AM where we will go through one of the most exciting updates to Beacon Tower ever!

We are thrilled about this update – we have re-designed Beacon Tower, so we now have native support for sharing Connected Products and Smart Machinery resources in an extremely flexible and powerful way. Here is an example:

You are a producer or owner of Connected Products or Smart Machinery, and you want to not only access the data yourself but:

  • share real-time insights targeted your customers or collaboration partners according to the specific service agreement in place, e.g. enabling
    • advanced customers or partners to access certain data and have special privileges
    • standard customers or partners to only view a sub-set of the insights of an advanced customer or partner
  • share real-time insight targeted your service partners so that:
    • they have specialised service dashboards and get notifications whenever the relevant Connected Products or Machinery need attention
    • they can support the assets, update software, and connect new assets when needed
  • enable distributors and asset administrators to create new customers and service partners in their own eco-system so they have the autonomy to structure their business of Connected Products and configure real-time insights about your products that they install

To have native support for the above scenarios means that we don’t have to twist and tweak Beacon Tower and spend a lot of expensive time to achieve this for you, but rather that we can do this by means of basic configuration and still have the flexibility to support any specific scenario that is unique for your business.

Does February 29 at 10:00 AM not suit you? Don’t worry, book a demo directly here.

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