Future City Water


Digitizes the water chain

A smart system for quality-assured water supply

Future City Water is an innovation project that aims to increase the pace of development of a smart network for drinking water supply – from water source to tap. Today, there is a need for municipal water and sewerage companies to gain control over the supply of drinking water and quickly obtain information about leaks, operational disruptions and water quality.

The loss of drinking water in Sweden alone is estimated to be around 20 percent, a major financial burden to communities. Leaks are both difficult and expensive to repair, and this leads to a delay in investments in new infrastructure. With the help of Future City Water’s tools, the entire water supply chain is digitized and hence gives a better overview of the system.

Future City Water helps with

-Collection and processing of large amounts of data for optimized operation and long-term planning.
-Finding leaks, sending of information to customers and making the water utility system more energy-efficient and capable of identifying quality problems.
-Integration of the digitized water supply chain into a smart city.

How does it work?

The project has a strong focus on data collection and the associated processing of large amounts of data as well as simulation of scenarios. Beacon Tower is responsible for the central data collection with integration to source systems, visualization and normalization of real-time data and integration to simulation and monitoring tools. The results and simulations are used to optimize the supply chain.

Who is it for?

Municipal water and sewerage companies can use Future City Water’s tools in order to gain control of the entire water supply chain and quickly identify disruptions.


The total project budget is SEK 21 million, of which approx. SEK 10 million comes from Vinnova.

Beacon Tower

Beacon Tower is the central data collection entity where data is collected from many different systems and where data are consumed by other systems. The goal is to give access to a digitized drinking water supply network from source to end customer with safe and efficient delivery of high-quality drinking water. System-wide planning can be achieved when the network is fully integrated in the smart city.

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