Beacon Tower SaaS is your managed IoT platform

Beacon Tower SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a configurable IoT cloud platform, built on Microsoft Azure with managed services and it is continually updated, supported and maintained.
Beacon Tower SaaS is highly customisable, but if you want to take 100% ownership of your IIoT journey, then the Beacon Tower iPaaS is the way to go. The good thing is, you don’t have to take the choice upfront: you can at any time switch from Beacon Tower SaaS to iPaaS.



Beacon Tower SaaS

Beacon Tower SaaS | Azure IoT Cloud & Edge SaaS Platform


Making it an easy decision

By using the SaaS service you keep the initial investment and idle cost low. You don’t have to worry about surprises along the way as the cost to scale your solution is linear. With the start-up and scaling costs known, it doesn’t have to be a big decision to start with Beacon Tower.


Hit the ground running

By making use of Beacon Tower SaaS you can get your IoT endeavours off the ground in mere days.
As soon as we together get your devices online you can view, manage and structure your IoT data in Beacon Tower.


Stay up to date

Beacon Tower is continually developed and there is frequent updates that make use of new cutting-edge technology – all this will be made available for you to use.


Grow with it

While Beacon Tower is made to be easy to start with, it’s built on a robust architecture to scale to any amount of devices or users. Beacon Tower will grow with you as your IoT business expands. And if you want to move your IoT platform in-house as it becomes part of your core business you can always switch to the Beacon Tower iPaaS product.

Learn more about functionalities, platform capabilities and architecture.

SaaS features

Scale from PoC to Enterprise

Beacon Tower is built to be cost-effective for both your first couple of devices up to tens of thousands. This gives you a platform where you can both perform initial pilot tests and continue for your long-term future roll-out.

Beacon Tower can also scale over your organisation, managing any type of data from any type of IoT devices. This can make it your one and only data collection platform.

Updated and maintained

Beacon Tower is based on Azure cloud native services managed by Microsoft and our development and support team. The Beacon Tower SaaS functionality is continually updated and we support and maintain the solution for you.

Low operating cost

Beacon Tower is making use of Azure’s extensive component and services library to quicken development and make sure Beacon Tower is based on the most up-to-date services available.
By continuously evaluating and incorporating new Azure features we make sure that the platform stays modern, secure and cost-efficient.

Beacon Tower SaaS | Azure IoT Cloud & Edge SaaS Platform
Models your business

Beacon Tower has a flexible hierarchical access system that allow you, your customers and their customers into Beacon Tower. You can decide what level of autonomy your customers should have, i.e., if they manage their own data, devices or users. Beacon Tower can be white-labelled in multiple layers. This allows you, for example, to provide Beacon Tower as a platform for your OEM devices.

Beacon Tower SaaS | Azure IoT Cloud & Edge SaaS Platform
Escape vendor lock-in

​Beacon Tower has no hardware or software requirements and connects to any producer of PLCs, DCS, SCADA, ERP and MES to gain maximum hardware and software flexibility and ​prevent vendor lock-in.

The core IoT-functionality of Beacon Tower utilises core Microsoft Azure components, but our flexible architecture means that you can even exchange our Beacon Tower SaaS front-end with yours running on-premise, AWS, Google or any other technology vendor of your choosing.

Beacon Tower SaaS | Azure IoT Cloud & Edge SaaS Platform
Flexible and open data model

The Beacon Tower platform is built around secured, self-managed components which enable flexible ways of allowing external services to interact with the platform, as long as they are properly authenticated. This means you can build your own front-end and apps, fully replacing the Beacon Tower GUI for your customers, or that you can integrate Beacon Tower directly into your ERP and production systems.